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Is your training room empty the majority of the week?

              Your training is not a once a year, quarter or month need.  While training does have to start with the basics, training happens every day.  Each day your employees interact with customers in your various departments.  By training on these customer interactions and how employees can give customers the best experience possible we will raise the employee’s skill set and your customer loyalty, by which your profits will increase as well! 

For Your Sales Department:

              The salesperson is the cornerstone of your sales department.  They deserve to be trained properly.  Unfortunately, many dealerships take their new salespeople down one of two paths.  The first is they put them with an experienced salesperson to train.  Sometimes they learn more about short cuts than the sales process.  The second is a manager says they will train them and puts them in a room to taken dozens of certification tests before they spend any time with the product or process.  Coolchief brings organization to this process but unlike other trainers we do it in a way to integrate each stores processes into the training.

              With competition pushing the margins of new and used sales down, the revenue from the fixed operations departments are more crucial than ever.  Efficiency and customer loyalty drive profitability in a dealership.  Customers who have a wonderful experience starting at the point of scheduling and throughout the use of the service departments will spend more money and remain loyal to you.  We work to increase these efficiencies.    
              Managing the operations of a dealership is a vast and sometimes seems like a unsurmountable responsibility.  By working with managers on how to manage their time, how to manage and coach employees and measure results we will move the needle.

For Your Managers:
For Your Service Department