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Ken Polino


Ken was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and lived there until he and his wife Cindy moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2010. Shortly after moving here, Cindy and Ken created CinKen Enterprises, a sales organization.Automotive Sales wasn't Ken's first career, but it quickly became his favorite. He started as a sales trainee in the nineties, at A-1 Toyota, a dealership located only a few miles from Yale University. He quickly moved through the ranks, and eventually became a GSM. At present, Ken has worked with four different organizations; and he became well-versed in both one-price selling, as well as the more traditional negotiation-based process. As his career progressed, he became passionate about teaching and training-especially "newbies" in the business-getting them solidly grounded in the fundamentals of the sales process. And nothing has changed-training is still a great passion for him! Ken also likes to contribute through his writing. He has written numerous articles on sales and personal development for, including: "The Luck Factor in Sales," and "The Art of Personal Development for Sales Associates." He also wrote and published his first book in 2009: "Rags to Riches: How to be Great at Automotive Sales."