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Bob Joyce


Bob Joyce is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and is a former USMC and Firefighter/Medic. He currently lives in Youngsville, NC with his beautiful wife and kids. He loves spending his time outdoors from the mountains to the beach. He is also a member of Raleigh First Assembly Church in Raleigh, NC.     


Bob started in the Automotive industry in 1998, he has worked for several large franchise dealerships since he started his career as well as a few small Dealerships as well. He started out as a salesman and grew form there. He has handled just about all aspects of the job at some point in his career, from New cars, used cars, Auctions buying and selling, Internet Departments and BDC’s to Special Financing and Desk Manager.   Bob has joined CoolChief Inc. as a partner and is greatly looking forward to his new endeavor. He is excited to share his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Automotive Business with dealerships. Bob also has a drive for the technology side of the business and handles the photography and Videography as well as training and coaching. Bob has a true desire to help others succeed and to see their full potential and coach and encourage them to see it as well.